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Thinking Minds Building Bytes is a proud-to-be small software company.
We focus on delivering creative solutions. And we really enjoy doing it.

Founded in 2008, ThinkInBytes was born as a startup for the development of innovative, useful and easy to use software for the Windows platform. Our first product, CubeDesktop, and its successor, CubeDesktop NXT, where the first tools bringing a true 3D, realtime, virtual desktop experience to Windows systems.

Since then we’ve evolved into a multifaceted company providing ad-hoc software solutions, website design and developent and security consultancy through our different business lines.

What we do?

Different business lines for different needs

Software & Innovation

Where it all started …

CubeDesktop NXT

We know that you need to do a lot on your PC. CubeDesktop NXT provides you up to 16 workspaces, each with its own wallpaper and set of icons, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between them using a live and interactive 3D environment.

CubeDesktop NXT comes with several, breathtaking effects that take your desktop experience to the next level. Manage your workspace in a true 3D, live and totally interactive environment.

Check www.cubedesktop.com

Web Design

A glimpse of work we’ve done for forward thinking brands and clients

Eduard Vilanova

Eduard Vilanova

Innovation Training Center

Innovation Training Center

Andrea Masó

Andrea Masó

Rambla Abogados y Asesores

Rambla Abogados y Asesores

For more information
Check www.woolia.com

Information Security



Who we are?

We are Thinking Minds Building Bytes

Meet the founders, who made this adventure possible.

Arturo Arévalo

Arturo Arévalo

Jorgia Denclar

Jorgia Denclar

Data Scientist & PMO Manager

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 Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

+34 625 715 606

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